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How to Dramatically Increase Referrals

The easiest, most natural way to ensure you get tremendous word of mouth exposure!

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Referral Generation Report 

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Setting up an effective referral system should be one of the main pillars of your marketing.


How to ask for referrals without feeling awkward or weird

Most practitioners avoid asking for referrals because it feels uncomfortable.  This report will help you easily overcome this issue.


Why patients/clients don't refer even when they like you

This is an extremely common problem.  Learn how to overcome it FAST.


Why online technology is your greatest asset in getting referrals

Business cards are antiquated.  Brochures outdated.  Email marketing is by far the best way to get more referrals.  


The exact script you can use to send satisfied clients/patients

I've used this in my own practice and for thousands of my coaching clients.  Simply put, it works!


How to 'fast track' your practice growth by getting other proven marketing systems in place.

Referrals are just one pillar of a successful practice.  There are MANY other strategies you should be using.  In follow up emails, I'll share other ways to grow fast.