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What's Included

Generally speaking, my private clients work with me over the course of a few months to get the best results possible.  I have one main coaching package that includes;
* 9, 60 minute calls (most calls are done on Skype so I can share my screen when necessary)
* I allow up to 6 months for these calls to be completed, so you can implement at your own pace and only use our calls when needed.  During our first call, we will map out your monetization strategy by laying out in detail the programs, products, and services you want to offer, how to structure them, and how to create them FAST.  From there, we will lay out a marketing plan and dive into the details of setting up your sales funnels, lead pages, ads, and so on.
* Access to all group coaching programs for up to 1 year
* Private email/Facebook messaging support 
* 'Done for you' marketing funnels, Facebook ads, copywriting (within reason) ~  What I've found is that it's much faster and more effective for me to do this for you and have you learn through my example.  Once our monetization strategy is clear, our goal is then to generate leads as fast as possible.  This is the part that stumps most business owners.  They get overwhelmed by the details of setting up effective lead campaigns.   The more leads you generate, the more money you'll make.  Our goal is to build up your email list and online audience in a fraction of the time that it would take you doing it yourself.  When you have an audience, you have endless possibilities in terms of rolling out new products and services.  

Here Are Just a Few Examples of What My Coaching Clients Have Achieved:

  • My client Dr. Larry Precipuo, DC went from a fan page of 700 fans and no email list to over 1,500 fans and 800 leads in the first 5 weeks.   Dr. Larry has also attracted several high ticket clients through having me set up his entire marketing funnel, from his lead capture page to his Facebook ads to his offers and the way he structures his free consults.
  • My client Katie Edwards, L.Ac. (in video above) built a multi 6 figure wellness center within 2 years and now is building an online coaching business that gained over 5,000 new fans to her fan page within a few weeks, at around .5 cents a fan.  Her next phase will be building online video courses, creating e-books, and offering high ticket coaching programs to clients around the world.
  • My client Jeffrey Kamke built his fan page to over 3,000 fans and his email list to over 2,000 subscribers within 2 months of working with me and now serves clients all around the world as a personal development and relationship coach.
  • I helped my client Anne Crowley, L.Ac. set up her entire marketing funnel for her webinar series helping holistic practitioners build their business.  From setting up her Facebook ads to writing her sales page to creating her follow up email sequence, I helped Anne go from nothing to a successful webinar launch within a matter of weeks.  
  • I helped my client Anne Angelone go from a local acupuncture practice to a world renowned expert in healing autoimmune conditions with the Paleo diet.  Anne has done very well with her line of Kindle e-books and coaching programs.   
  • I'm currently helping my client Kelly Nezat, a prominent psychologist well-known for his work in shamanism, launch a new coaching program called Awaken Your Inner Shaman.  Kelly went from years of wanting to do this, but feeling confused by all of the moving pieces, to having his entire launch process mapped out within the first 2 calls.  
  • My client Charlene Lincoln started in a brand new city with zero contacts and within 2 months has 15 patients a week who are of exceptional quality (compliant, motivated, accountable).  She did this using nothing but the Facebook advertising strategies I taught her.
  • Through my group programs and private coaching, we've had a wide array of inspiring success stories!  Click here to see a few more of them.

If you're ready to grow FAST, fill out the application now.

I'm MUCH more inclined to accept you as a private client if:

*you want to scale your business quickly using direct response marketing, Facebook advertising, blogging, video, and email marketing

*you have a vision for 'phase 3' which is generating passive income and creating a global brand

*you want to play a BIG game and help as many people as possible 

*you take action, are willing to try new things, and don't need any 'convincing' that it's possible to create your dream business

I look forward to personally helping you build your ideal practice or online business!


Kevin Doherty