Kevin Doherty is the president of Dream Practice Coaching. Since 2005, he has helped thousands of alternative health practitioners build successful practices. Kevin is the author of the e-books Build Your Dream Practice and Online Mastery for Holistic Practitioners. He also has a published book called the Purpose Principle which examines the relationship between life purpose and chronic health issues. After building a highly successful private practice in an extremely competitive market, Kevin now focuses on his coaching work, social media, blogging, and a variety of other projects.

Kevin is widely recognized as one of the leading marketing consultants for wellness professionals. With a thriving Facebook fan base of 100,000 people and a large online community, Kevin has successfully taken his entrepreneurial vision and marketing skill to a worldwide audience of clients looking to make a positive impact in the world.

Kevin’s coaching approach is a unique fusion of personal development and cutting edge marketing strategies. He embraces the philosophy that your business can only grow to the extent that you do. Kevin is deeply passionate about helping practitioners become more financially empowered through developing a strong entrepreneurial mindset.

At this time, the only active coaching program that Kevin is offering is Your Best Year Ever, which is a comprehensive marketing and practice management program where Kevin works will help you will all facets of your practice growth.  . 

In this spare time, Kevin is a self-admitted ‘tennis addict’. He plays competitively in tournaments around Colorado and finds tennis to be the perfect compliment to running his business. He also enjoys travel, writing, experimenting with various super foods and green drinks, and music.

Here’s a personal message from Kevin that will help you determine if his coaching style is a good fit for you.


I know firsthand what it’s like to come up against your edge in private practice… to see all that is blocking me from creating what I want, and to proactively clear those blocks through inner work and effective action. Many coaches can only offer advice from a place of theory. I have the personal experience not only on an emotional level, but also in terms of field-testing all of the marketing strategies I recommend to my clients, so I KNOW they work. I am 100% aware of the unique challenges and obstacles that practitioners face, along with the unique nature of the alternative healthcare industry and how to market it in a way that is both authentic and powerful.

I have a unique ability to help my clients become PASSIONATE about marketing… so it’s not some removed concept that they have to put up with, but it becomes part of their heart and soul. When the client can integrate marketing into their spiritual and emotional development, their business often skyrockets from that place. They become passionate about promotion and building a huge audience.. and from there, they start attracting more ideal clients who are more receptive to their work, they get more referrals, and things start to flow.

Most coaches are much more mechanical about marketing— it’s a numbers game where you implement strategies, then analyze the data and refine results. While I’m good at doing this, I have a unique ability to infuse more ‘spirit’ and psychology into the marketing process so that the client naturally wants to learn more and become more skilled in promoting their work.

I’m one of the few coaches that can show practitioners exactly how to ‘attract’ clients rather than chase them by implementing the direct response marketing model. This model is based on offering great value for free on the front end, which positions the practitioner as the leading expert in their field, then building rapport and meaningful relationships with interested prospects , largely on autopilot. I know exactly how to set up this marketing model for wellness professionals, which removes about 90% of their stress in client attraction.

Very, very few coaches are experts at direct response in the healthcare niche— they are typically using archaic, outdated strategies that make the client work really, really hard without an end in sight (just keep speaking, networking, and blogging, etc). My approach is uniquely focused on automation, time freedom, and the ultimate leverage that comes from expert positioning.

I focus on ‘out of the box’ strategies that lead with innovation and creativity. In order to be positioned as a thought leader and expert, you can’t do what the 95% is doing to build their practice. You need to be in the 5% that is at the cutting edge and is using education-based marketing that makes a more powerful impact and gets noticed in a more compelling way. Direct response marketing starts and ends with innovation, as the process revolves around using a multi-media approach to connect with prospective clients and strategically ‘attract’ them to your services rather than having to convince them or chase them.


Along these lines, I teach video marketing, webinar marketing, teleseminars, blogging, web design, and social media in a way that is a radical departure from the diluted, boring, and ineffective approaches that so many practitioners have been conditioned to focus on. In the internet age, you MUST lead with innovation so you can stand out and get noticed. Not only do I help the client with the outer forms of innovation, but also there’s a primary focus on doing the inner work so that the client truly embodies an innovative voice and presence in their field. This shines through in their marketing materials, content, and client interactions.

Another highly unique aspect of my coaching is that I can help the practitioner evolve through all 3 of the major phases of business growth. My ideal client is someone who is in early phase 2 (seeing 15-40 clients per week making $40-100k per year roughly), and is looking to max out phase 2 so they have a full schedule, and then to create passive income streams that create more time freedom (phase 3, the freedom phase).

I can help them not only get more clients and max out phase 2 to stabilize their practice and create peace of mind, but then guide them through productizing their knowledge and passion and create e-books and online courses using the internet. Once again, I have the direct experience of doing this and creating a high level of success in phase 3, and there are very few coaches who can guide clients from early phase 2, to maxing out phase 2, to then really going deeply into phase 3, which I consider to be the pinnacle of business success.

My entire marketing approach is decidedly non-cheesy, non-hypey, and non-salesy. Most practitioners HATE hype… they HATE being sold to, and they HATE selling their services. Most practice-building consultants lead with hype in their marketing and they encourage more of a hard-selling approach that leverages aggressive or fear-based tactics. My marketing approach is the exact opposite.

I teach my clients to lead with value and substance, and to promote their work in a way that genuinely intends to help and inspire people. I believe that there are two primary motivators in human behavior—- fear and inspiration– and in my marketing approach, I try to tap into the best qualities of people to reinforce their innate goodness, which naturally leads to strong rapport and motivation to express that goodness and health to the world. This is in stark contrast to focusing on what’s WRONG with people, why they are flawed, and why they need to see the practitioner or else they will suffer a miserable existence.

When my clients learn how to market their practice while leading with value and inspiration, something ‘clicks’ for them and they see that they actually CAN sell their services without feeling salesy or unnatural at all. This is a powerful paradigm shift for most of my clients… and it frees them up to enjoy a more empowered relationship with money and a more confident understanding of the mechanics of authentic client attraction.

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