How to Thrive In the Modern World

A Layperson's Guide to Chinese Medicine


Dear fellow acupuncturist,

The internet is THE most powerful resource we have as acupuncturists to generate new patients and maintain a
relationship with our current ones. If you are like most acupuncturists, however, your website (you do have a website,
right?) is drastically under performing as an effective marketing tool for your practice.

How to thrive in the Modern World is an essential marketing tool for any acupuncturist. One of
the most difficult aspects of building a sustainable acupuncture practice is trying to describe acupuncture to the
Western mind. My patients have found this book extremely helpful in understanding their experience. It not only
saves me the time explaining the basic benefits and theories of acupuncture, but it helps connect the patient to
our process without a disjointed Western translation of what we are trying to accomplish. This book has the
potential to quickly build your practice and produce a great return with a high level of credibility."

Ryan Diener, L.Ac

co-founder, Holistic Health Associates

When Kevin told me about this project, I was really, really happy. Brilliant idea. You see,
experience shows me that there are three main concepts that will let you have more patients than you can handle.
They are:

  1. Good relationships with your patients
  2. Patient Education
  3. Word-of-Mouth

The effects of these three things are multiplicative. Each builds on the others – improving
one always improves the others. Always.

Thriving is great for patient education, and that's going to both improve your relationships
with your patients, and improve your word-of-mouth. Educated patients are far more likely to come back for other
conditions, and stick around to complete their treatments.

They're also more likely to refer other people, because they can talk intelligently about
TCM. It's one thing for them to say "Acupuncture is great! It really helped me with my _______!" and
another to say that "Acupuncture is great! It helped me with ____, and here's why it might help you."
The difference is subtle, but huge.

That's why I liked the concept so much that I contributed the chapter on drugs. I did this
even though Kevin is a competitor, and even though I plan to use the same information myself.

I wasn't paid for the chapter either. I did it for free. That's how much I believe in

The book is very, very cheap – you can pay for it once and use it for the rest of your
professional life. It will help you get many new patients, and it only takes two of them to pay for it. That makes
it better than free for you – it will more than pay for itself.

Get it now so you can start benefiting from better patient education as soon as possible."

Burton Kent

There are 3 main challenges we have in terms of capturing

and converting new patients from our websites:

  1. Getting prospects to opt in with their name and email so you can stay connected and develop ongoing relevant
    contact with them. Don't forget, it takes most people between 7-9 contacts with you before they are ready to
    commit to your services.
  2. Getting prospects to tell their friends and family about you and your website.
  3. Establishing instant credibility so you are perceived as the 'go to' practitioner in your area.

What if there was a marketing tool that would easily solve these challenges?



By becoming the author of your own ebook!

It's time to take internet marketing for acupuncturists to the next level with a
proven system created and used by a successful acupuncturist and coach!


How to Thrive in the Modern World: A Layperson's Guide to Chinese Medicine

Here is how it works:

  1. It's your ebook so your name and credentials go front and center with your co-author Kevin Doherty, L.Ac.
  2. You can add up to 5 pages of customized content for the ebook that my virtual assistant, Rachel, will create for
    you. All you need to do is send the customized content to her that will be included in the back of the ebook.
    (Rachel's email address will be provided to you immediately upon purchase of the ebook.) This will go in the last
    chapter of the ebook called 'About Our Practice.' This would include specific information about your
    practice: specialty, training, specific protocols/techniques, treatment philosophy, even testimonials.

    As long as the information you provide here is ethical and honest, you are free to include the content you wish
    here about your practice or additional thoughts or insights about acupuncture and Oriental medicine. In this way, you
    really are the co-author! You can make this section as brief or as in depth as you'd like, up to 5 pages.


You now have your own book to offer as a free download to your patients on your website!

How To Thrive In the Modern World: A Layperson's Guide to Chinese Medicine, is the marketing
tool that we have been looking for. This e-book is exceptionally well written and covers all of the essentials of
Chinese medicine written specifically for the wellness consumer. The ability to customize and coauthor this text is
an added bonus! Using Kevin's coaching services and practice building e-book, our acupuncture center has grown
40% in 3 months. We can't wait to put this powerful practice building educational resource into action!

Samantha Berg and Kevin Meddleton

Owners, Alaska Center for Acupuncture

If you are looking for the best acupuncture marketing tool available, I suggest you check out
Kevin Doherty's brilliant customizable ebook. Think of all the time you spend during each patient's visit
answering the same questions over and over again. Of course, these are valid and important questions that need to
be answered. Kevin's ebook answers your patients questions before they ask them, so you can spend the treatment
time focusing on their specific and unique needs. By offering this ebook for FREE to your patients you are building
something very valuable (and unfortunately rare in today's health care), and that is rapport and trust. You are
saying that you are willing to invest in them before they even agree to come see you by giving away great
information for free. The information contained in Kevin's ebook is excellent, but the way he has made it
available for other acupuncturists to customize and utilize to market their OWN acupuncture practices is absolutely

Lisa Hanfileti, L.Ac.

Just think of the HUGE benefits of this marketing tool for your practice:

  • Create A Dynamic Word Of Mouth Marketing Campaign:

    Your current patients and your
    prospects will download the ebook and many will forward it to their friends and family. Unlike every other
    acupuncture manual out there, the ebook is written in a way that is directly relevant and interesting to the ideal
    acupuncture patient. Plus, your current patients will likely brag to their friends and family that their
    acupuncturist has just come out with an ebook.

  • Build a List of Contacts:

    In order to get people to leave their name and email, you need
    something of value to offer them for free. Building this list is crucial to your long-term success, as it gives you
    an inexpensive and effective way to stay in touch with patients and prospects.

  • Prequalify patients and attract those that are perfect for your practice:

    Nearly every
    acupuncturist I know is most passionate about treating patients that are willing to take responsibility for their
    health, stick to the treatment plan, and be compliant in making lifestyle changes. The ebook highlights these
    themes and caters to prospects who will be perfect for your acupuncture practice. It will help you focus on
    attracting the patients that you love working with, not the ones who just want their thumb pain to go away and are
    willing to give it one or two treatments, then never come back.

  • Build Instant Credibility and Trust:

    You are now the author of your very own ebook! It is
    well known that authors are perceived as experts. You are now seen as the 'go to' person in your area
    because you wrote the book!

  • Get Prospects to Take Action Now:

    Many visitors to your website are not sure if they want
    to commit to your services. One of the purposes of the ebook is to encourage and inspire people to be proactive
    about their health and take action NOW. The language used in the ebook is benefit-oriented, compelling and
    inspiring. There is simply no other acupuncture manual out there that clearly communicates the value of what you
    offer and prompts the reader to make their health a top priority.

  • Enjoy greater patient retention:

    How often do you have patients ask, 'is there a good
    acupuncture book that you can recommend so I understand more about how this works?' Now you can say, 'Sure,
    I actually wrote a book on it, just go to my website!' Practice success largely comes down to your ability to
    effectively educate your patients and communicate the value in what you offer. This ebook has been carefully
    designed with a primary intention of being a masterful resource for educating patients. It takes the unknown out of
    acupuncture without stripping it of its magic and mystery. Perhaps most importantly, the content of the book is
    designed to shake patients out of the narrow mindset of symptomatic care. Chinese medicine is described not only as
    a way to relieve immediate health problems, but as a lifestyle choice that has universal benefit. This plants the
    seed for a long-term, genuine therapeutic relationship between you and the reader.

  • Save Time:

    I, for one, am tired of answering the same questions from people interested in
    what I do: What is acupuncture? How does it work? What can it treat? Is it safe? From here on out, just refer
    people to your ebook! It answers all of these questions and much more.

  • Easily create your unique selling proposition:

    How many other practitioners have an ebook
    that they have authored on their website? This is a great way to stand apart from the crowd and show your community
    that you are a pioneer in your profession.

  • Print out copies of the ebook to market your practice offline:

    You can even keep this
    handy guide in your waiting room, give extras to your patients to hand out, or give away copies when you offer
    lectures or meet with other practitioners so they can keep them in their offices.


Jennifer (false name), a stay at home mom of three young kids, called my office after finding my website from a
Google search. During our initial consultation, she admitted that she had researched quite a few acupuncturists on
the internet. She said that the reason she called me was that she was really moved by the material in the ebook. She
found the spiritual focus of the book to really speak to her and could sense that this approach to healthcare was
exactly what she was looking for in her life.

Right away after meeting Jennifer, I knew that she was the kind of patient that I love working with. She was
interested in trying acupuncture for a series of visits and was ready for a deeper commitment to her health and
well-being. She understood the deeper symbolism of the anxiety and stress she felt as a mom. She was not looking for
a quick fix or miracle cure. Instead, she was ready to take responsibility for herself and saw acupuncture as an
opportunity to initiate this process. She was open to my suggestions and compliant with making lifestyle changes.

As an acupuncturist, aren't these the kinds of patients you enjoy working with? They are:

  • Committed to a long-term therapeutic relationship

  • Compliant in the treatment process

  • Ready to take responsibility

  • Interested in the deeper emotional and spiritual symbolism of their health concerns

  • Able to afford treatment

  • Instantly willing to trust you based on the way you market yourself

If you had a practice full of these patients, you would never feel like your practice is 'work' in the
normal sense of the word. You would love going to the office every day. Plus, your practice would be more stable
because you would have patients that are committed to their care.

Can you see the potential of this ebook to bring you patients such as this, just as it has done for me and many
others who are currently benefiting from it?

I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and a candidate for a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
I can't tell you how excited I am that Kevin has written this fabulous e-marketing tool for acupuncturists. The
content of this book is brilliant in its language and draws the reader into a call for action NOW! Any potential
patient who reads this book is going to not only run to the phone to call for an appointment, but will be committed
to lifelong treatment before they reach the front door of the acupuncturist's office! Thank you, Kevin, for
your superb insight into the psyche of potential patients!"

Mary Snyder, LAc, DAOMc & Santa Barbara, CA.

Having built a highly successful acupuncture practice and coached many other acupuncturists to do the same, I now
know how crucial it is to have the right educational and marketing resources that will genuinely sell what we do. This
ebook is a highly unique product that draws upon my background as an acupuncturist and my interest in copywriting. It
is written in a language that draws the reader in and keeps them turning the pages.

This e-book is a wonderful marketing tool. Kevin gets to the core of Chinese Medicine in this
easy to read book. The whole book is a call for action for the prospective patient, without being 'preachy'
or frightening. I am certain that this book will bring highly motivated patients to my clinic. It is going to be
available on my website and I will print a few copies for the waiting area in my clinic that I share with
chiropractors and a massage therapist."

Ellika Shilling, L.Ac.

Brewster, NY

This book has been a huge educational resource for my patients. It has proven to be a sounding
board for my patients to ask more questions about the deeper part of the medicine. So many patients only think of
acupuncture as treatment for pain, which requires time during the initial session to re-educate the patient. Now, I
email the booklet to new patients and introduce the concept of not only treating the chief complaint, but
addressing beliefs or thoughts that influence our health. Kevin's information is non- threatening and plants
the seed for possible future dialogue with the patient. Later when I discuss how Chinese medicine can treat layers
of health problems, the patient has already read these ideas and can grasp the concept of continued health care
beyond just pain relief."

Samantha Jacobs, L.Ac.

This ebook has been written for you if you want to:

  • Overcome the main objections that people have to receiving acupuncture (it hurts, it isn't safe, it's too foreign, it can't treat my condition, etc.)
  • Help the average person understand the connection between mind, body, and spirit and other theories entailed in holistic medicine.
  • Provide a spirited and compelling manual that will provide information that is relevant to the needs of the modern person

The ebook is a great resource for both 5 element and 8 principle acupuncturists and also has a section on the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine.

Kevin Doherty is that rare type of clinician who not only understands his healing craft but also
how to ethically and successfully promote it. Through his eBook, Kevin uses education to garner solid credibility
and build trust with his clients, overcoming potential objections before they arise. Based on his wealth of
experience and terrific success in his own practice, Kevin is reaching out to others in the CAM Community with this
eBook to share his knowledge and proven ideas that work in today's complex health care environment. We are
proud to work closely with Kevin and clearly see the value of his approach in helping others create healthy
practices for themselves and, especially, their patients."

Joel Fellman

SVP Business Development

Build Your Dream Practice has been an incredible asset to my massage practice. I used to
struggle figuring out how to get new clients in the door. This ebook has given me a ton of great information on so
many aspects of my practice, from marketing to client education to my own personal development. I highly recommend
that you buy this book now; it will be one of the best investments you can make in your practice."

Diana Todd, CMT

Massage Therapist, Boulder, Co.

With all of these amazing benefits, this ebook could easily be sold for $500. But, since I have a passion for helping acupuncturists succeed, I am offering this incredible product for $149**. This includes the customized PDF file set up fee with my virtual assistant Rachel. (There will be an extra charge if you will need help uploading it to your website and setting up an autoresponder series).

How to Thrive in the Modern World is an excellent tool for both acupuncturists and patients.
Kevin transforms what can be hard to understand, academic teachings into a simple and easy to understand guide for
the everyday patient. How to Thrive in the Modern World explains the many benefits of Chinese medicine and inspires
readers to get involved in their health -- today. As a consultant who teaches copywriters how to sell through their
writing, I can say without hesitation that this book will 'sell' acupuncture very well to your local

Kelly Robbins

founder, A Marketing Connection, Inc

Overview of Ebook:

This WILL happen with the right mindset, knowledge base, and commitment. This ebook will be a huge asset in getting there.

  1. Introduction

    The opening is written to draw the reader in, speak to their needs,
    empathize with their pain, and assure them that you have the skills to help them.

  2. Chapter 1: Investing In Your Health

    This chapter helps practitioners overcome many of the objecti ons that people have to taking care of their health (no time, I'm not really sick so there's no need, I'll get to that tomorrow, etc.) The material here inspires the reader to take action now! The opening is written to draw the reader in, speak to their needs, empathize with their pain, and assure them that you have the skills to help them.

  3. Chapter 2: The Many Benefits of Chinese Medicine

    Before we talk about what Chinese medicine is, we want to encourage the reader even more that it can help them. This chapter conveys general and specific benefits to this form of care. It also sets the stage for helping the reader understand that Chinese medicine can help so much more than immediate symptoms.

  4. Chapter 3: What is Chinese Medicine and How Does it Work?

    This section provides a simple yet spirited overview of acupuncture and holistic medicine that keeps the reader turning the pages. The reader
    is introduced to the concepts of Qi and the meridians.

  5. Chapter 4: What Are the Different Kinds of Acupuncture?

    This chapter covers both 5 element and 8 principle acupuncture in a way that clearly conveys the benefits of both approaches. This section
    provides a simple yet spirited overview of acupuncture and holistic medicine that keeps the reader turning the pages. The reader is introduced to the concepts of Qi and the meridians.

  6. Chapter 5: Case Study

    The chapter brings all of the information to life for the reader. By learning how Chinese medicine has helped an actual patient, it allows the reader to think of their own real life needs and how Chinese medicine may help them.

  7. Chapter 6: An Overview of Chinese Herbal Medicine

    More benefit oriented information on Chinese herbal medicine that helps the reader overcome common objections around safety and taking herbs with medications.

  8. Chapter 7: The Doctor of the Future

    This chapter exposes the shortcomings of the pharmaceutical industry and Western medicine in a way that is objective and factual. The strengths of both Western medicine (in treating acute issues) and Chinese medicine (in treating chronic issues) are highlighted.

  9. Chapter 8: About Our Practice

    This is where you include any information you wish about your practice: Your unique treatment approach, practice philosophy, testimonials, etc. You are welcome to expand upon any of the points in the book.

  10. The last section is a call to action to encourage the reader to call your clinic for a free health assessment and/or forward the ebook to people they know who could benefit. Your biography goes at the end of the book above Kevin's.

YES! I want to become the author of my own Acupuncture Ebook for only $149.

*2 Payment Options Available



You will receive instant step-by-step instructions for the set up of your ebook. Within a few short days, you can have the book live on your website!

PS: Once this amazing marketing tool goes live on your website, you can use it for years to come as a way to educate patients and prospects, create an incentive to action, and drastically improve your word of mouth marketing.

PPS: Think about it: If this ebook is responsible for bringing in one new or return patient to your practice, it has paid for itself. The first week that I placed it on my website, I got two new patients who were forwarded it from their friends AND two old patients came back in for treatment because they said the ebook inspired them to get acupuncture again. In one week, I made the cost of this ebook back several times over. What would it do for
you for the next, say, 20 years?

** If you would like Rachel to upload the ebook and set up an autoresponder contact for your website, there will be an additional fee depending on how long it takes her to set this up for you. If you can do this yourself or if you have a web designer you are currently working with, Rachel will send you the customized PDF file ready to be uploaded to your site.

One of the greatest gifts Kevin offers is the ability to co-author and take credit for his
amazing ebook "How To Thrive in a Modern World." It is a wonderful tool to share with patients and to put
on your website. Many of us are wonderful healers but if no one knows about us we can't practice our beautiful
medicine. This tool enables us to reach the people who are hungry for what we offer."

LMarji Lee Pearson

Acupuncture Physician

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If you are not satisfied for any reason with using this e-book to build your practice, you can contact us for a refund within 30 days of the purchase date. Yes, I am confident that you will truly benefit from this material. Why? Because it lays out everything that I have done to create a successful practice. I KNOW that the approaches discussed in this ebook create a successful and balanced practice because that is exactly what happened to me when I implemented them.