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Client Experiences

  • by Brendan Carney
  • Working with Kevin has been such an amazing experience. I am a fairly new practitioner with very little business experience. As I approached graduation, the thought of running my own practice scared me. This propelled me to seek business coaching– I am so glad I did! The results of working with Kevin in group coaching were immediate. He offered so much great advice about all aspects of building a practice. He focused not only on the physical part of practice management but also on the mental and spiritual facets as well.

    I highly recommend coaching with Kevin to any acupuncturist interested in achieving more practice success. Whether you are fresh out of school or you’ve been practicing for years, this program is well worth it! It is very affordable for what he is offering. I feel very blessed and privileged to have been a part of Kevin’s coaching group.

    by Eulix Vargas, L.Ac.
  • The best money I have spent for my business

    I have been working with Kevin Doherty for the past 7 months and it has literally been life changing for me personally, as well as, for my Oriental Medical Practice. I began attending his online webinars and immediately became hooked and signed up for Kevin’s 2010 group coaching program. The group coaching program has been one that has offered and taught me so many key tools in how to market, run and grow my practice. The webinars feel like you are having a “one-on-one” coaching session with Kevin even though it is technically a group setting. Kevin records all the webinars so that you are also able to review the material over and over which is key to learning and mastering the material.

    Kevin is efficient and concise with the material he presents and makes concepts that seem confusing or intimidating easy to understand and apply. His attitude, approach and advice in regards to running and marketing an alternative medical practice, as well as, in regards to life in general, is infectious, practical and just makes sense. The tools, techniques, approaches, mindset and strategies that I have learned and am still learning from Kevin’s coaching program are immense and can be applied immediately to your practice, literally transforming your practice and life overnight if you diligently apply what is taught, as well as, allow for the transformation to unfold.

    When you come to Kevin for questions he answers them in a timely , supportive and efficient manner. It is the best money I have spent for my business as my practice is growing and blossoming every day leaving me feeling inspired and empowered. I just cannot say enough about Kevin and his coaching programs. Kevin is brilliant, yet humble, grounded and down to earth. I consider him a valuable and genuine asset to our community and will forever consider him my coach and mentor. He truly helps guide you through every step of the process and helps practitioners hone in on the specific goals they are wanting to achieve. You cannot ask for more than that.

    I highly recommend Kevin as a business coach for alternative medical practitioners as he himself is one and understands the intricacies of what is at play, especially in alternative medical practices. If you are an alternative medical practitioner looking into business coaching, look no further as Kevin is the gold standard!

    by Gina Mortellaro-Gomez L.Ac., MSOM
  • The business breakthrough session was pure gold, and you deserve to be paid MUCH more than you charge, but I’m not complaining! I hope it comes back to you in good karma.
    by Nicole Mires, L.Ac.
  • Thank you so much! I can not say enough about the positive coaching experience I have had with Kevin. The results from being coached with Kevin were immediate. He helped me start with a soild foundation so my business could success for the long haul. Looking at my business from both a mental level and a spritiual level has given me the power to know that I can thrive in any economy and even in an area that is highly saturated with acupuncturist. I have been working with Kevin for almost 6 months and my practice has more than doubled. Thank you again for your support and guidance.
    by Ngina Shulman
  • I’ve seen more than my share of “Management Groups”! Nonetheless, one day, I happened upon a small ad on a website I trust, I clicked through to you, and I liked your message. What you had to say made sense to me. In fact, I decided to call you.That was October 21, 2008, 10 months and one day after I hired a well known management group last year for a lot of money. A lot more money than I want to think about.Not the for first time, either…From the first day I spoke with you, I knew you understood me; why I’m here, who I want to be, and how to help me get there.That’s a lot of understanding in a few minutes. Nonetheless, what I really want to say is this:If you are reading this, you might be wondering if Kevin can really help you.You might be wondering if you can find the money. You probably wonder if he is worth the investment. Your faith, your time, your money.The answer is YES.Explore Kevin’s website to get to know him. Read his free stuff. Take advantage of what he has to offer. I took a little at first, and, then, as I began to trust him, I went ahead with what he has to offer.I can say, unequivocally, that the time I spend (yes, am still am a paying member), with Kevin has been, and is, well worth the investment, each and every month. What I have, and am, learning is leading me to an understanding of marketing that I wish I had 14 years ago. I have Kevin to thank for that, and I always will.You will be challenged to expand your thinking. They say that once the mind has expanded, it can never shrink back to the way it was. But, aren’t you tired of the way it’s been?You could just stay in that same old box…. If you are thinking of working with Kevin Doherty, quit thinking and do it.
    by Tom James, DC
  • I found Kevin when I was at the end of my rope with my limping-along practice: either I had to figure out how to make it work well, or it was time to quit. After our first consult, I thought to myself, ‘This guy doesn’t mess around and he doesn’t make me feel like an idiot.’ As soon as we started working together, my confidence and enthusiasm levels went way up. It was reassuring to know that the trouble I’d been having getting my business running well was due not to any failing on my part but simply because I – like many others in the healing arts field – just didn’t know what to do.I wish I’d had Kevin’s help nine years ago when I graduated from acupuncture school, but I’m grateful to have it now. He’s a fabulous person to have on my team, as are the other resources he has brought to me. I’ve done both individual and group coaching sessions and it’s all been very informative and thought-provoking. I’m in a completely different place within myself with my practice, and that is thanks to Kevin’s support, guidance, and radically different approach to understanding what makes us tick and how to bring our heart and joy to this business.
    by Jenny Chapin, L.Ac.
  • I cannot say enough positive things about working with Kevin Doherty. My practice has tripled, quadrupled really, since working with him 1 1/2 yrs ago. Aside from being well worth the investment, he was and continues to be a fantastic resource for ideas and inspiration and seems to have an unlimited supply of it! He continually impresses me with his generous spirit and his commitment to promoting the integrity of our medicine. If need be, he will also hold your hand through the whole web building, practical side of marketing. Thank you for getting healing arts practitioners on solid financial ground!
    by Susan Patten, L.Ac.
  • I wanted to thank you for your coaching. It has made a positive impact on many levels: spiritually, mentally and physically. I got at least 10 new patients this week which resulted directly from one of your suggestions. It is incredible! When we started, I was seeing 8-10 patients a week and I’m now approaching 30 patients a week. I thank you for your guidance.
    by Dan Clark, L.Ac.
  • When I first started coaching with Kevin, my practice was stagnant. I felt stuck seeing 25-30 patients a week. I wanted to my practice to be more developed and stable. Even though I had ideas about what to do, I had difficulty actually implementing those ideas into actual practice. I procrastinated on many things that I knew that would benefit my practice, until the point that I could bear no more and decided to have someone to “kick my butt” to help me move forward.What Kevin has delivered is far beyond my expectation of what a regular coach would do. He really understands the “spirit” of the practice of Chinese Medicine, which is about how we as practitioners develop ourselves and become more balanced so that it’ll reflect in our practice. He helped me with many issues that I have been struggling with over the years and I have become more comfortable and confident in dealing with them now in my practice. He is a good listener; he offers insightful advice about how to develop my practice which is really tailored to my needs, to the way that I would like to practice. He also provides many useful, pragmatic tips regarding how to develop my practice, all of which have been truly beneficial.In just a few short months, I have noticed a real growth in my practice. Now I am seeing 35-40 patients a week and I work shorter hours each week than before. I feel more focus and clarity about myself and my practice. Instead of constantly struggling, I now have a sense of ease and effortlessness in my practice.Thanks so much Kevin, for your kindness, your encouragement, and gentle and firm push when it’s needed.
    by Dr. Judy Zhu, L.Ac.
  • Kevin’s support and insight is really helping us get out of the many pitfalls we have fallen into and reverse the numerous compromises we have made as we have grown our acupuncture business. Steeped with the wisdom of someone who has been through it all, he offers concrete solutions that anyone can use to build a thriving practice built on integrity and strong core values. Using Kevin’s coaching services and practice building e-book, our acupuncture center has grown 40% in 3 months.
    by Kevin Meddleton & Samantha Berg
  • After working with Kevin for 8 weeks and implementing his strategies over the following 12 weeks, my practice grew by 50%! I was already seeing 25-30 patient visits per week, but within a 6 month period this increased to 45-50 visits per week. Kevin is easygoing and a pleasure to work with while getting right to the point and not wasting time. I found his strategies and writing style appealing and orderly with each subsequent strategy building on the previous one’s momentum. I would recommend Kevin’s services to any acupuncturist who is interested in seeing positive growth to their practice.
    by Ryan Diener, L.Ac, Dipl.CH
  • When I moved last year to open my acupuncture practice, Kevin was the most helpful resource I found. He was full of information, contacts and advice on how to set up and build my acupuncture practice. Not only did he help me decide where and how to set up shop but once I had begun practicing he was a constant resource for my many questions. Kevin also hosted a monthly acupuncture study group in which colleagues got together to learn from him and ask him questions. Without this support group I would have felt lost many times as a beginning practitioner. Kevin’s education, experience, and thoughtful manner lends him to be an excellent teacher and adviser. I am so fortunate to have met Kevin who is graciously guiding me through the first years of practicing as an acupuncturist. Thank you Kevin!
    by Lauren Mathews, L.Ac.
  • Kevin is an extremely bright, inspired, and committed healer. He works tirelessly to perfect his craft and brings a true heart to his medicine. Coaching other acupuncturists is the perfect realization of his interests and talents.
    by Lonny Jarrett, M.Ac.
  • Having been a business consultant for 15 years and the head coach to the world’s largest coaching organization, I know what it takes to succeed. Kevin not only has succeeded, but has the unique ability to teach what he knows. I direct all alternative medicine practitioners who come to me straight to Kevin as he has what it takes to ensure they succeed in their niche. He’s not full of hype – he’s full of answers.
    by Graham White
  • Kevin is wonderful! When I moved to Denver last Jan. I was starting my practice from scratch. He gave me a lot of helpful advice. He also saved me a lot of time by sharing what worked for him and what didn’t when he was building his own practice. He is very knowledgeable, creative, down to business and energetic. It was great to have someone to help me set goals and stick to them. He is open to customizing the coaching to your specific needs. I would highly recommend working with Kevin to create your dream practice!
    by Kate Kellogg, L.Ac
  • To my knowledge, Kevin is the only licensed acupuncturist who provides one-on-one business coaching to help other acupuncturists build their acupuncture practices. Kevin is a tremendous resource for the acupuncture community!He is uniquely qualified. Not only has he developed his own successful acupuncture practice (in a town that is saturated with acupuncturists), but he has the heart to turn around and help other acupuncturists who are struggling. He offers several different very reasonably priced packages for acupuncturists to choose from. In the world of business and life coaching, Kevin’s fees are very reasonable. There is no doubt that if he was offering these business coaching services when I graduated from acupuncture school, I would have invested in them. What I would have saved in time, money, and frustration would have been well worth it.I encourage you to look into and invest in Kevin Doherty’s one-on-one business coaching services to help you build a strong and lasting foundation for your successful acupuncture practice.
    by Lisa Hanifleti, L.Ac.
  • I was very impressed reading Kevin’s ebook Build your Dream Practice and was thrilled to get personal coaching from Kevin. My biggest problems were implementing practice development strategies and overcoming years of burnout and struggle, which had tainted my outlook and destroyed my passion. Kevin’s clarity and combination of psychological insights and business acumen delivered amazing changes in my attitude about my practice and decision making. I implemented one easy suggestion from him and got three new patients with no advertising! I know now that it is OK to be #1 because I am an enjoyable person for my patients and staff and motivated for my business. Kevin’s coaching was the perfect investment for my practice. Thank you Kevin.
    by Eileen Karn L.Ac.
  • I am very pleased with Kevin’s group coaching and highly recommend him for anyone struggling to build a practice. He is effective, highly informative, affordable and very focused. It is the next best thing to having him hold your hand and go out marketing with you.
    by Monica Gfrorer, DOM, Dipl. Ac.
  • Kevin’s group coaching class was amazing. He gave so much useful information to help me move forward in my practice. He has so many gifts to offer and is so generous with his time and information. He goes way beyond in his generosity to help you speed the process of building your credibility. I feel so blessed to have found him. I also highly recommend his ebook “Dream Practice” as there are so many gems one can implement. He makes you feel you can do it and provides great tools to move forward in your practice.One of the greatest gifts he offers is your ability to co-author and take credit for his amazing ebook “How To Thrive in a Modern World.” It is a wonderful tool to share with patients and to put on your website. Many of us are wonderful healers but if no one knows about us we can’t practice our beautiful medicine. His tools enable us to reach the people who are hungry for what we offer.
    by Marji Lee Pearson
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Kevin Doherty is the president of Dream Practice Coaching. Since 2005, he has helped thousands of alternative health practitioners build successful practices. Kevin is the author of the e-books Build Your Dream Practice and Online Mastery for Holistic Practitioners. He also has a published book called the Purpose Principle which examines the relationship between life purpose and chronic health issues. After building a highly successful private practice in an extremely competitive market, Kevin now focuses on his coaching work, social media, blogging, and a variety of other projects.


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