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3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire A Business Coach to Build A Successful Private Practice

I know for fact that there’s no way I could have reached the success that I have in my business life  if I didn’t hire some really skilled business coaches along the way.  For two straight years, I was toiling away in my private practice, working way too hard for too little results.  I knew that I had to do something different.   I realized that I was way out of balance internally, so I incorporated mindfulness practice back into my daily life.  

The other big change I made was hiring a business and marketing coach.   This was a big investment for me (well over $6,000), but it paid off in more ways than I could imagine.  Not only did I start getting a flurry of new patients from the internet, but I also built a ‘million dollar’ skill set that I still use to this day (in fact, I use it EVERY day).   My first coach helped me develop the skill set of marketing literally 10 times faster than I could have done on my own.  

While it seemed like a big investment at the time, I now realize that the cost of staying stuck was FAR greater than $6,000.   So, how do you know if you need a business coach?   And how do you find the right one?

1)  You know you want to succeed, but you are plagued by limiting beliefs that are holding you back ~  You should only invest in a business coach if you are serious about your business.  If it’s a hobby to you, then it’s probably not worth it.  If you deeply want to have a successful practice, but you find that self-doubt, confusion, fear, anxiety, procrastination, or overwhelm are continually blocking your progress, then a business coach should be able to help.   The starting point of my coaching work is to help you shift your mindset out of limitation and toward your vision.

 In short, it’s imperative that you train your mind to stay focused on what you really want… and to develop an unstoppable attitude in relation to your goals.  A successful business coach is someone who has likely battled all of the same inner demons and outer obstacles as you have.  Therefore, they can empathize with your situation and provide useful tools to help you orient your mind towards abundance rather than lack.   Along these lines, let me ask you: ‘How do you feel about money?’  It’s an important question if you own a business.  Your emotional relationship with money will determine how much (or how little) you have.

 For most of my clients that start coaching with me, I notice that they are holding onto some pretty damaging beliefs around money.  Part of our work together is helping create a more empowering relationship with money.  Instead of being a burden and source of stress, I help my clients see money as a game that can actually be FUN to play.  The game is to make as much as you can while helping as many people as you can.  The more you make, the more you can help.  That’s a much healthier way to perceive money than something that doesn’t grow on trees, is the root of all evil, or is the reason why you can’t be happy right now.

  2)  You know you’re good at what you do, but not enough people know you exist ~  This is an epidemic in the alternative health professions.  We have some of the brightest, most sincere, and skilled practitioners who are struggling to maintain their practice, only because they don’t know how to get visibility.  The common assumption is that if you’re good at what you do, the people will come beating down your door to see you.  While this does happen for a small percentage of practitioners (usually the ones who have natural charisma), for more of us, we absolutely must learn how to get visibility in order to build our business.   business coaching private practice                



Please, don’t hire a business coach who appears to be struggling with their OWN visibility!  They should walk the talk and be able to show you through their own experience how to get tons of people aware of you and your brand.  Personally, I do this for my business through Facebook and blogging primarily… and it works amazingly well.  With over 100,000 fans on my two fan pages, I’ve gotten pretty darn good at visibility, and I LOVE teaching practice owners how to do this for themselves.  Most CAM practitioners have a block when it comes to marketing.

 They think it’s an inherently loathsome and inauthentic process, like you have to be salesy and cheesy in order to do it well.  Actually, I think it’s just the opposite:  The ONLY way to have your marketing work is if it’s genuine and leads with substance and value.  

My definition of marketing is: “The bridge that connects your gifts with the people who need them most.”

Doesn’t that sound a lot more inspiring than the conventional definitions of sales and marketing?     If you don’t know how to get visibility for your practice, you need a coach.  Yes, you can figure some of it out on your own, but it will take you a lot longer… and since time is money, it will end up costing you more in the long run.

3)  You don’t know how to streamline things and you’re burning out your adrenals  ~  The only way to run a business that works FOR you rather than AGAINST you is by having systems in place.  You need front-end marketing systems, practice management systems, scheduling systems, accounting systems, and client education systems to name a few.  The more systematized your practice is, the more organized you’ll be, which will free up your time and energy.  

Your practice website should an enormous asset in getting many of these systems in place.  If you’ve watched my Practice Acceleration video series (opt in on this page), you know that your website should the hub of all that you do to market your practice.  This automates both marketing and client education. A good business coach should help with systems implementation.  For just about all of the practitioners who have taken one of my programs, this has been the missing link.. and it’s a huge relief to finally streamline their growth to free up their time and reduce their stress.  

Hopefully this gives you some clarity around whether or not hiring a business coach is the best decision for you.  There’s a good chance you didn’t learn the right way to market and manage your practice in your clinical training.  If that’s the case, it tends to be a long, hard road if you don’t get the right support and community around you.   When you work with me, I think it’s helpful that I’ve actually done what you are trying to do.  I’ve built a really full practice in a competitive market.  

It’s not just theory to me.  I actually test the strategies that I teach to make sure they work.   Here’s a quick comment that one of my clients just left in our Facebook group.  She’s in the Your Best Year Ever program.   (I removed her name to maintain her anonymity).

business coaching for private practice         



If you’re interested in working with me, I would recommend starting with Your Best Year Ever.  Once you complete this program, if you still need help, we can discuss private coaching.  This program is a comprehensive marketing and practice management program that will give you everything you need to attract clients and increase your income.  It will only take you 1-2 decent clients to recoup your investment in the program… and the content can definitely help you way beyond 1 or 2 clients.  

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