Build Your Dream Practice

Build Your Dream Practice

Help More People, Make More Money, and Fulfill Your Purpose as an Alternative Health Practitioner.


"At Last! Proven Low Cost or No Cost Strategies for Attracting High Quality Patients, Making the Income You Deserve, and Experiencing Your True Potential in the Healing Arts!"

Imagine a practice that easily generates new patients, gives you plenty of time off to enjoy your life, and allows you to do what you love AND make a great income... it is possible, but ONLY if you know the exact steps to take.

Dear fellow holistic health provider,

Chances are that you decided to pursue a career in the healing arts because you have a genuine desire to help people. But if you are like most of the practitioners out there, you have been surprised that this desire has not effortlessly led to a booming practice. You may even be downright discouraged and frustrated by the lack of patients, income, or stability that you have had up to this point.

Over the course of my years in practice and as a business coach, I have repeatedly heard various comments from practitioners and teachers on how hard it is to make it in the alternative health professions.

I am on a personal mission to break this trend!

No matter what you have been told or what your experience has been up to this point, you CAN create a highly successful, deeply rewarding alternative healthcare practice.

I want you to thrive in all dimensions of your practice-to make more money, love what you do, and have a balanced schedule that works for your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most of us are taught to give too much, expect little in return, and hope that we can scrape by doing what we love. But does it have to be this way?

Absolutely not!

My name is Kevin Doherty. Since 2001, I have built 2 high volume acupuncture practices, the first in an area where most people know nothing about alternative medicine, the second in an area that is said to be saturated with acupuncturists. I graduated acupuncture school with pretty much no knowledge of how to start a practice. I was lost. Nobody ever sat me down and said, 'Okay, here is what to do, step by step.'

I learned pretty quickly, however, that if I was to make a career out of acupuncture then I would have to figure out how to market and operate a practice. So, I learned as much as I could about it. In fact, I became passionate about the business side of my practice. While I was thankfully able to succeed in a relatively short period of time, it pained me to notice how many other acupuncturists, massage therapists, counselors, etc. were struggling to make ends meet.

I heard about people that I graduated with seeing 3-5 patients per week and working at the grocery store to pay the bills. I heard about others that were seeing 30 patients per week over 6 or 7 days and were exhausted.

The reason that this is happening on such a wide scale is because of three simple factors:

  1. Inner blocks-- Negative or limiting beliefs about money
  2. Lack of a marketing plan and poor business skills
  3. High practice turnover due to deficient patient education

My e-book, Build Your Dream Practice, is a concise and inspiring manual that will help you overcome these obstacles to practice growth. The e-book is, in essence, a summation of my personal journey to success. You see, I want you to take the easy and quick path to practice success. I don't want you to bumble around like I did, desperately trying to discover the right set of practice building tools that will help you succeed (In case you haven't noticed, there really isn't that much out there with any substance).

Kevin clearly identifies all of the challenges we have been facing as relatively new acupuncture practitioners. His support and insight is helping us get out of the many pitfalls we have fallen into and reverse the numerous compromises we have made as we have grown our business. Steeped with the wisdom of someone who has been through it all, he offers concrete solutions that anyone can use to build a thriving practice built on integrity and strong core values. Build Your Dream Practice is clearly organized, highly readable and is one of the finest books we have read so far on successful practice building."

Samantha Berg and Kevin Meddleton
Owners, Alaska Center for Acupuncture

The information presented in "Build Your Dream Practice," by Kevin Doherty is a sure-fire system for us to succeed in practice. These strategies will certainly ensure success to all of us who study and actively apply his methods. Kevin explains that clarity of vision/purpose are the first steps to achieving success. If we follow up with specific actions that support our vision, we can't help but succeed achieving our goals. Running a 100% cash practice, I see anywhere from 150-200 patients per week in my clinic. I work four and one-half days each week (about 6-8 hours per day). I have learned and applied at least 70% of the strategies presented in Kevin's book. The practical applications in this book have certainly helped me to build a high-volume practice. Having the skill set to design and create our own practice can provide a life of freedom and prosperity.

Again, one of Kevin's best concepts is on clarifying vision, putting that energy into a workable plan, with a specific goal in mind, and working towards that goal until it is realized. The second gem that he gives us is on becoming the "go to" practitioner.""

Andy Rosenfarb, L.Ac.
Author of Healing Your Eyes with Chinese Medicine

If I would have had this simple manual in my hands, it would have saved me a ton of time, money, frustration, and anxiety. But I had to learn a lot of this the hard way. Nobody ever really prepared me for the reality of owning and marketing my own business. But, I was committed to success, so I didn't allow myself to stop. But, boy, the journey getting here could have been a whole lot easier!

Imagine a practice that easily generates new patients, gives you plenty of time off to enjoy your life, and allows you to do what you love AND make a great income!

There will no longer be any need for dumping a ton of money into various marketing campaigns, blindly wondering if any of them will pan out. Gone are the days of wondering where the patients will come from and the anxiety of looking 2 weeks out into your schedule and wondering if you will have a real job come that time.

I want you to focus on what you love doing: practicing your craft and treating your clients!

Leave the rest up to the marketing and practice building gems contained in this ebook.
In Build Your Dream Practice, you will learn:

  • The main attributes of successful entrepreneurs and how you can develop them.

  • How to use the law of attraction to your advantage in practice building.

  • How to build rapport and effectively communicate with your clients.

  • How to effectively word your promotional materials.

  • How to create a schedule that will allow for long-term stability and growth.

  • A number of inexpensive or free creative marketing ideas that will create a booming practice.

  • How to market to your current patients.

  • How to build residual income streams within your profession.

This ebook has all of the essential tools for your success. These principles carry over through all of the alternative health professions. It doesn't matter whether you are a chiropractor, massage therapist, or counselor, you will benefit from this book and it can dramatically change your practice in a short amount of time.

I was actually the first person to buy Kevin's book. The funny thing is, we're "competitors" – I also help acupuncturists with their marketing. That's why you should listen to me when I say:

If you buy Kevin's book, you can't lose.

It will only take one new patient to pay for the book, and what's in Build Your Dream Practice will help you get far more than just one patient. If I'm wrong, then ask for a refund within 30 days. It's guaranteed that it's worth it.

I also guarantee if you don't have the book, you will not only lose out on new patients you could have had, you will also lose old patients you should have kept. The worst part is you'll never know when this is happening.

I have probably 40 marketing books on my shelves, and more in storage. I've read even more than that in the library. Out of all the books, there's no question that Build Your Dream Practice is better than any other for acupuncturists.

Here's just some of the things you'll learn in the book:

  • How to ask for referrals in a way that makes people happy to refer to you.
  • Why treat the patient instead of the symptom. This will help avoid what I call the "revolving door syndrome" – patients coming, then going, never to be seen again.
  • How to attract your perfect patient – the patient that's going to make your life easier.
  • What to do with promotional materials so they get into the right hands.
  • How to easily find medical doctors to approach for referrals.
  • Where you can give talks and seminars (and how to get over any fear of public speaking).
  • And much, much more. Kevin writes from experience – he works in a highly competitive area, yet he doesn't struggle for new patients.

You may be wondering why I'd give such a glowing recommendation for a competitor. Think of it this way. Suppose there's a "save-the-rainforest" organization. Just how upset would that organization be if there was a competitor that's also doing a good job saving the rainforest?

They'd be happy about it. That's why Kevin and I agree - what's most important to us is that YOU succeed in attracting more patients and helping them. Get the book so you can get started. After all, you literally have nothing to lose."

Burton Kent

Build Your Dream Practice the best book I've read in a long time. The inspiration to make a mark in this field is brewing in me like never before."

Tracy Hacket
Acupuncture Physician

I have found your book to be outstanding. It addresses a lot of issues that I knew I had about money and has taught me the value of working on myself. Coincidence or not, after working on your first visualization exercise, I booked an entire afternoon with back to back house calls. I slacked off on visualizing for a couple of days and had two cancellations. I just have to say that I don't think it's a coincidence."

Tracy Hacket

This ebook has been written for you if you want to:

  • Increase patient volume.
  • Fully leverage all of your unique talents and gifts.
  • Have more time off.
  • Create a spiritually, financially, and personally rewarding practice for the long-term.
  • Make a healthy 6 figure salary doing what you love.
  • Get out of a place of stagnation and take everything you are doing to the next level.
  • Enhance your communication skills.
  • Rekindle the passion for your chosen profession.
  • Treat your practice like a real business.
  • Enjoy (yes I said enjoy) marketing your practice.
  • Connect with your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Get over self-doubt and believe in yourself once and for all!

Kevin has a put together a top notch guide to give you the perspective, tools, and information you need to design your acupuncture practice to fit who you are and what you want. If you want to build your acupuncture practice around the heart and soul of who you are and be successful with your business, I highly recommend Kevin's book, Build Your Dream Practice.

If Kevin's book had been available when I was starting my acupuncture practice, I would have leaped at the chance to read it!"

Lisa Hanifleti, L.Ac.

Build Your Dream Practice has been an incredible asset to my massage practice. I used to struggle figuring out how to get new clients in the door. This ebook has given me a ton of great information on so many aspects of my practice, from marketing to client education to my own personal development. I highly recommend that you buy this book now; it will be one of the best investments you can make in your practice.

Diana Todd, CMT
Massage Therapist, Boulder, Co.

I loved your book Build Your Dream Practice. I was pleased with the exercises in the book, and the depth with which you covered issues like what to do when your patients drain you or when the money runs thin. The book really goes beyond the obvious list of qualities essential in a person building their dream practice and gets more to what makes or breaks the ability of anyone to have those qualities in the first place. Thanks for digging deeper than the obvious. The best gift the book had in store for me was a clarification of my purpose. It does drive success if the success you want is more than monetary---if what you want is a dream practice. A dream practice is what supports who you are as a practitioner, and the life you came to live (as a practitioner and as a person outside the office). That is a level of success usually not tackled in books about being successful in business. The spiritual context from which your work springs is evident in the strategies and tools you provide, but in subtle ways, so that anyone can relate to it whether or not they identify with being on a spiritual path. Thanks for all you do. You are a gift to the profession."

Amy Galvan, L.Ac.

There is no better feeling than when you are consciously navigating the course of your practice and creating the practice of your dreams!

This WILL happen with the right mindset, knowledge base, and commitment. This ebook will be a huge asset in getting there.

Is Building Your Practice Painful? It's Not Your Fault... And There's a Better Way.

Odds are that 99% of your education has focused on developing your clinical skills. You simply haven't been taught the crucial marketing and patient communication skills that make or break your ability to create a profitable practice. Instead, you have assumed that your passion and skill would be enough to succeed.

Here is the secret key that successful CAM practitioners understand: Creating a thriving practice requires you to divide your identity as follows: 50% entrepreneur, 50% clinician. If you can think like a business owner as well as you think like a practitioner, your practice can only succeed.

Up to this point, you likely either haven't known this, or you're confused about what to do once you do come to this realization. It really isn't your fault... So please, don't beat yourself up.

Part of thinking like a business owner is being willing to make smart investments in your practice. Think about it this way: One new patient more than pays for the cost of the e-book.

In addition to the low cost, extremely high value of this e-book, I'm offering 4 bonuses worth $125 packed with great tips and information to help your practice thrive.

30 minute recorded interview between myself and Andy Rosenfarb, an acupuncturist who sees 150-200 patients per week in his practice. This bonus is chalk full of inspiring information that will help you cast away any last trace of doubt that you have what it takes to build your dream practice. This bonus alone is worth the price of the book! A $19.95 value.

Valuable Goal Setting Worksheet and Average Patient Index Calculator from the Acupuncture Business School. These tools will help you implement your goals effectively and determine if your clinic is prospering based on effective patient education and retention. A $9.95 value.

Marketing 101: Target Marketing for CAM Practitioners by Kelly Robbins, an expert on healthcare copywriting and marketing. This ebook has a ton of great information on how to position yourself for maximum exposure in your specific industry. A $49.95 value.

A 24 pg. report that teaches you 12 strategies on how to master the 'inner game' of building your practice. These strategies are excerpted from Kevin's book The Purpose Principle (coming soon). A $19.95 value

One month free of the prosperous practitioner membership. A $37 value


Invest just now to reap HUGE REWARDS for your practice.

Buy Something You Want to Get Something You Actually Need. Try or Buy One Offer From Your Favorite Brands and Get Build Your Dream Practice For Free! Kevin has teamed up with Trial Pay to give you a 'no lose' way to get this valuable practice building information.

No tricks, gimmicks or secrets. Kevin gives you the goods straight up for running a successful practice. Full of great advice, his e-book was worth the investment. I've been employing almost all of his suggestions and am starting to see more patients and more positivity in my life. You owe it to yourself and everyone around you to read this book and read it often."

Lisa Hanifleti, L.Ac.

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Kevin Doherty, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., MSOM, is the president of Dream Practice coaching, and a licensed business development consultant for holistic health practitioners around the world. Kevin is also a licensed acupuncturist, author the the widely acclaimed book The Purpose Principle, and the co-creator of the Practice Evolution Success Kit.

Having witnessed many alternative healthcare practitioners struggle to build and maintain their practices, Kevin is dedicated to helping these professionals overcome hardship and surpass their expectations for what is possible.

His primary goal is to establish a much higher degree of worldwide credibility for and usage of alternative therapies through empowering practitioners to communicate effectively and treat their profession as a viable business that deserves recognition and support.

Kevin is also an avid writer, speaker, and teacher in the fields of complementary medicine and practice development.

P.S. You have 56 days to try the e-book out and work with its many suggestions. If you are not fully satisfied, your money will be refunded no questions asked. There is absolutely no risk! NOW is the time to take action and build the practice you've always envisioned.

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If you are not satisfied for any reason with using this e-book to build your practice, you can contact us for a refund within 30 days of the purchase date. Yes, I am confident that you will truly benefit from this material. Why? Because it lays out everything that I have done to create a successful practice. I KNOW that the approaches discussed in this ebook create a successful and balanced practice because that is exactly what happened to me when I implemented them.

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