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Here are a Few Inspiring Reviews From Our Clients

We can not guarantee a specific outcome for our clients. As with anything, your results will be based on how coachable you are and how committed you are to taking action and learning new skills.

My email list has grown by 1,500 subscribers and my fan page by 1,000 fans in the first month of coaching with Kevin.

Jeffrey Kamke, Personal Development Coach | Life Enhancement Association

My new business was profitable within the first 4 months and after 18 months, we hit 6 figures, and now we are maxed out." I see 70-80 clients per week and our yoga studio is thriving.

Katie Edwards ~ Owner of the Center of Bliss

I'm seeing 25 new members consistently in my fitness center.

David Beares | Owner of 39 Minute Fitness

I attribute a lot of my success to Kevin. You will see your business catapult to a new level way faster than you would have imagined.

Anne Angelone ~ Paleo Coach and Author

Kevin helped me fill my wellness center to maximum occupancy and quickly create my first online product, which would have easily taken me a year or more without his support.

Jennie Kesselman ~ Fertility Coach and Wellness Practitioner

Kevin is an expert at social media marketing. If you're thinking about working with him, you should do it.

Dr. Heidi Skye Keller

I needed help with both marketing and finding my passion and purpose. I highly recommend Kevin's classes.

Katie Kapusnik, L.Ac.

Kevin is a maestro at clearing the inner blocks to success.

Seth Grossman, PsyD

With Kevin's coaching, I'm seeing 8-10 clients per week within the first month of moving to a new town.

Darren Maynard

Kevin's work has revolutionized my mindset, my vision, and my practice.

Harinder Ghatora Holistic Coach and Therapist

Working with Kevin was one of the best business choices I have made.

Brendan Carney

Kevin gives you everything you need to know to get your business set up online.

Catherine Dodd Holistic Coach and Therapist

When you apply the principles and follow the path laid out in Kevin's work, you will release your full potential for abundant living.

Brian Tracy
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Kevin, what parallel universe did you morph out of?!! You are truly amazing! You are a dream!! I have worked with other coaches and this is not to knock them, but I do have something else to compare my experiences to. You are a Saviour. You are teaching us how to see things from an entirely different light. I was at that all time high and complacency set in and then the Universe put it’s foot into my butt, and everything flipped, not realizing that there was more work for me to do while on this mission called life. Biggest blessing because it led me here.I have increased confidence, motivation and perspective. I’ve learned and am continuing to learn to “trust” the process of what’s happening. I have increased clarity and awareness and also appreciation as well. I’m attracting new clients – the ones I really want to work with. I practice energy medicine and this has been a great asset!Thank you once again.

Heather Pearman, DC
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Thank you so much! I can not say enough about the positive coaching experience I have had with Kevin. The results from being coached with Kevin were immediate. He helped me start with a soild foundation so my business could success for the long haul. Looking at my business from both a mental level and a spritiual level has given me the power to know that I can thrive in any economy and even in an area that is highly saturated with acupuncturist. I have been working with Kevin for almost 6 months and my practice has more than doubled. Thank you again for your support and guidance.

Ngina Schulman, L.Ac.
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I am flooded with deep appreciation for all that you have done for me to transform my consciousness around wealth and business. Your approach is so filled with truth, integrity, and power! You have made a hugely positive impact on my life, which is now filled with miracles and abundance... and my healing practice is growing more now than it ever has.

Amy Allen, DC
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Having been a business consultant for 15 years and the head coach to the world’s largest coaching organization, I know what it takes to succeed. Kevin not only has succeeded, but has the unique ability to teach what he knows. I direct all coaches and alternative medicine practitioners who come to me straight to Kevin as he has what it takes to ensure they succeed in their niche. He’s not full of hype – he’s full of answers.

Graham White | Former Head Coach of Peak Potentials and Founder of Effective Ethical Marketing
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I wanted to thank you for your coaching. It has made a positive impact on many levels: spiritually, mentally and physically. I got at least 10 new patients this week which resulted directly from one of your suggestions. It is incredible! When we started, I was seeing 8-10 patients a week and I’m now approaching 30 patients a week. I thank you for your guidance

Dan Clark
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When I joined your coaching program I felt a sense of relief. I knew that I no longer had to figure it out on my own. To say your coaching was invaluable is an understatement. You saved me from making some pretty big mistakes and I grew quickly to trust you as my mentor. Everything you teach comes from a place of kindness, compassion and experience. I can take what you taught and immediately put it into action. When I opened my clinic, locals who were "marketing experts" said Facebook marketing wouldn't work in my community. I chose to listen to you instead and followed your tips and strategies. Thank god I did as Facebook has (by far) been the most effective tool for building my business. All your training modules are so step by step and on point and I look forward to implementing many of the other techniques that you teach. Sadly many of us could help so many people in our lives and make a nice living doing so, but most will never hear about us and our services. I think that's a shame. Kevin, please keep doing this great work. You are helping the greater humanity with your work.

Charlene Lincoln, L.Ac.
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Working with Kevin's group coaching program has been a great experience. As a naturopathic doctor running an integrated medical clinic and a busy practice, Kevin has provided many helpful thoughts & ideas that have helped me become more efficient and effective with my time. I have especially enjoyed learning new creative marketing & online strategies. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is starting out, or been practicing for years - an enormous amount of value for all!

John Dempster, ND
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Ten years ago when I graduated from my training I felt like a lamb going to slaughter, contemplating the thought of setting up a private practice. I trained to become a healer, not a businessman. Like so many of my peers, I loved my medicine, but had no clue how to connect my passion with the reality of making money. What I appreciate most about Kevin is his heart centered approach to marketing and business development. He speaks directly to the conflict that many us in the natural health biz feel between generating profit and serving others or the world. Running a business is a profound path of inner and outer cultivation. Kevin’s training has helped me see more clearly the ‘money matrix’ and has given me the practical skills to market my business effectively. If your web presence sucks or you feel overwhelmed about where to begin sharing what you do, Kevin’s training will relieve your anxieties about business and empower you with greater clearity and purpose.

Silas Rosenblatt
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