Create a New Income Stream Through Our Affiliate Program

One of the best ways to start building residual income is to become an affiliate for other people's products that you endorse. This means that you set up a page on your website with an endorsement of the product with an affiliate link that tracks when a sale is made through your website.The marketing and practice building tools at Dream Practice Coaching are high quality products that consistently receive rave reviews. Refund requests are almost nil. When you become an affiliate for these products, you can rest assured that you are supporting the very worthy cause of bringing the holistic healthcare professions to a higher level of success.The way this works is that you simply refer people to your affiliate page that displays the products. If you belong to a school that has a lot of people looking for practice building help, then being an affiliate could be an easy new income stream. If you are in contact with many professionals in holistic healthcare, you could also do quite well.Here is an overview of the affiliate commissions you'll receive for our products and services:Products:
  1. Build Your Dream Practice: 50% commission ($20 per referral)
  2. Online Mastery for Holistic Practitioners: 50% commission ($20 per referral)
  3. The Purpose Principle book 20% commission (about $4 per sale)
  4. How to Thrive In the Modern World: 20% commission ($30 per sale)
  5. The Practice Evolution Success Kit: 20% commission (about $50 per sale after expenses)
  1. Website Package: $75 per referral through affiliate link. Setting up an affiliate link is easy to do. Simply follow these instructions and email us if you have questions.
  1. Click Here and complete the registration form.
  2. You will be sent to a thank you page that includes information on accessing your unique affiliate links. Please refer back to this page once you have received your welcome email (check your email for the welcome email).
  3. Login to the affiliate program with the login/password information you are sent via email at this link ( Click Here ).
We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to a mutually rewarding, win/win collaboration!