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10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Holistic Practitioners

47210235_sFacebook is absolutely one of the most powerful platforms for any practice or business owner to create a higher level of success and prosperity.  If you’re not using Facebook to build your practice, NOW is the time!   Social media is not going anywhere and consumers now expect any serious business owner to have a viable social media presence.  

Here are 10 tips to optimize your Facebook marketing.  

1) Set a goal to dramatically build your fan page numbers. Many of you have fan pages hovering around 1-500 fans. You want thousands of fans.. and the fastest way to do this is paid advertising without question. After getting over 100,000 fans on 2 of my fan pages, I can assure you it makes a huge difference in your business (as long as you’re targeting the right people). 

2) Don’t just post about your modality or the theories behind your work. Most of your content should be inspirational and uplifting. People aren’t on Facebook to learn about your modality; they are there to feel better about their lives. Meet them where they are at!

3) At least 80% of the content you post to your fan page should be your own. Create your own quotes. Link to your own blog posts. Remember– you are branding yourself, not other websites or experts.

4) Make offers! 80% of what you share should be value-based, with the attempt to help people as much as possible. 20% of what you share can be promotional. If you don’t make offers, don’t expect Facebook to be a strong client source for your business.

5) Engage with your fans ~ Don’t just post static content. Encourage your fans to interact and share their insights, questions, and comments. The people that engage are the ones who are way more likely to become clients.

6)) Invite all clients/patients to ‘like’ your page ~  At the bare minimum, you need to do this to ensure you stay in touch with your clients and leverage their network on Facebook for referrals and viral marketing.

7)) Create a professional timeline photo with a clear call to action to visit your website

8)) Post at least 2 times a day~ Consistency is key to your success.  

9)) Pin a post to the top of the page that invites people to your website ~  Your goal is to get people off of Facebook and over to your website.  This works MUCH better if you have a website that is designed to effectively convert prospects into clients.  Feel free to set up a free consult with my awesome web designer Rachel here if you need help.  

10) Add a Facebook fan page widget to your website so visitors can like your fan page from your site ~  You want as many of your website visitors liking your fan page as possible.  


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